Has Your Website Been Hacked?

Get your hacked site fixed today!

Your Site Fixed Within 24 Hours
You'll have your site back in under one day!
20 Years of Experience
We have 20 years of experience fixing hacked sites - we can fix yours!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
We fix 100% of our clients' websites. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will refund your payment.
Up-Front One-Time Payment
No hidden fees, no ongoing charges
30-Day Warranty
We will continue to monitor and prevent any further intrusions for 30 days

Malicious site intrusions - hacked sites - can take many forms: from defaced pages, to invisible links that trigger your visitors' anti-malware software, to browsers refusing to visit your site.

We know problems like this can be extremely stressful, because you have no idea what to do and you can almost feel your customers and your reputation slipping away.

Don't worry - we can help!

satisfaction guaranteed

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We fix hacked Wordpress sites!  We fix hacked Joomla sites!  We fix any hacked site!

For WordPress and Joomla sites, we have an up-front $199 package - no hidden fees, no ongoing charges.

For sites based on something other than Wordpress or Joomla, we can give you an up-front price on a case-by-case basis.

We guarantee our results - if we can't fix your site, you pay nothing. So you have nothing to lose!

Don't wait, contact us right now to get your site back!


  • Hacked Site Cleanup
  • For $199 you get:
  • Your site files scanned and cleaned
  • All malware removed
  • Your site visually restored
  • Your database fully scanned and cleaned
  • Professional security installed and configured
  • Removal requests for any blacklists
  • All this in under 24 hours
  • A 30-day-warranty that includes continued monitoring and fixing
  • Years ago our site got hacked, and since we are a fully online business it stopped us in our tracks. Fortunately Twist & Twirl fixed the hack within just a couple of hours and we were back so fast we barely noticed. And the site hasn't been hacked since!
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  • How much is this gonna cost me? What if it's hard to fix? +

    No matter how hard it is, it will only cost you $199. One up-front price, no hidden charges, no matter how much work it takes us.
  • But what if you can't fix it? +

    We can fix it. We fix 100% of the sites clients bring to us. We're so confident that we guarantee it to your complete satisfaction or your money back.
  • How fast can you get our site back? +

    We will get back to you within minutes to hours (always less than a day) if you contact us by email, and we will have your site fixed within 24 hours after your payment is received.
  • How does this work? +

    You can chat with us or contact us by email or phone to let us know you need our help. Then once you sign up for our service we'll let you know how to securely provide us with access information to your site. Once you provide the information, we will begin scanning your site, removing any infection, and plugging any security holes. Your site will be back online within 24 hours!
  • What access do you need to my site to fix it? +

    Our specialists will need administrator login access to your backend / dashboard, and access to your website's files through your hosting control panel. You can set up temporary access for us if you wish, and remove it afterwards.
  • How do I know I won't get hacked again? +

    We fix up any security holes we can, and install and professionally configure a security plugin. In addition, we keep scanning your site for 30 days to make sure things stay locked down.
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